RF based Smart Lighting Solutions


GIS Mapping available for all switching points and the detail so of each switch point shall be view able in the web application through a Google-map interface or web based digital map.

  • All the CCMS units will be remotely configured from the Central Control Unit.
  • Setting new ON/OFF timings.
  • Setting the RTC time of Automation unit
  • Knowing the current status of any particular switching point.
  • Reset the unit.
  • The minimum interval for the update of data should be15 minute.
  • Auto synchronization of controller with server timing to be further synchronized with standard GPS clock timing.
  • The system monitors all the following from the CCMS unit.
    • Voltages each phase.
    • Current each phase.
    • PF each phase
    • Metering KWH cumulative.
    • Metering KVAH.
    • Further system is able to indicate various faults
    • Number of operational lights.
    • Metering KVAH
    • Number of non-operational lights
    • Failure of contactor
    • Status of the incoming supply (power failure).
    • High /low voltage.
    • Overload on the phases.
  • Data authenticity and validation is assured and can be submitted in a common CVS format.
  • Cyber security, safe database management, data retrieval and trouble free operation of software and allied systems (24*7)is assured.

Advantages of Silikontek Smart Street Lighting Solutions

The main advantage of RF based LED Street Lighting systems are

  • LED saves up to 70% of energy over conventional Street Lighting systems. RF based LED Street Lighting systems provides easy remote monitoring & ON/OFF & Dimming operation of these LED Lights & reduces costs of maintenance.
  • Independent operation & Auto control through RF of Individual LED Street Lights.
  • Monitoring of Individual Street Light performance & failure with reports including Location of failed Street Lights.
  • Auto On/Off, Dimming & Control of LED Street Lights based on pre defined rules.
  • Live Monitoring & reporting of all electrical parameters like Wattage, Voltage, Current, Power, PF etc as per Day / Week / Month / annual reports on your Computer.
  • Sub 1GHz (865MHz) RF , self-forming and self-healing Mesh networking communications with AES128 Encryption on low data rate network.